Guatemala's most magical hotel

La Casa del Mundo

"All rooms have views and are impeccably outfitted with comfortable beds, tipico (typical of the region) fabrics and fresh flowers."

La Casa del Mundo, or the World's Home is a place where diverse cultures come together to relax, share experiences and enjoy the gems of Lake Atitlan. We are proud to tend to such wonderful guests. This is how our small "Casa" truly turns into La Casa Del Mundo.

Our 17 bedrooms, each with unique architecture, were built one by one into the lake's cliff sides over the past 20 years. They're equipped with top quality beds, hot water (mostly solar heated), restrooms, traditional Mayan decorations, and spectacular lake views from their 100-250 feet high perches.

Enjoy our Hotel!

Rest, read, relax or cuddle in one of our 17 cozy rooms: each with distinct architecture and placement on the cliffside.

All our large meals are made with the safest and best ingredients available, hand selected in Panajachel's indigenous market.

Picture yourself in a balmy resting area during sunset with an aerial view of Lake Atitlan, surrounded by terrace gardens.

The view of the lake and its three enormous volcanos from La Casa Del Mundo prove his words.

Make your way down the hundreds of stairs to find our pleasant swimming balconies overlooking the serene waters of the lake. When in need of delicious indulgence, climb the steps to our café to enjoy a freshly blended fruit smoothie (batido) or a famous breakfast burrito, fruit salad, nacho chips or avocado sandwich.

At night, guests from all over the globe dine together and share the stories of their travels at our famed family-style dinners. All our large meals are made with the safest and best ingredients available, hand selected in Panajachel's indigenous market and transported by boat (the only access appart from ancient foot trails) to the hotel dock.

Travelers come here to relax and take a break from their busy lives. Many forget what day it is and are taken over by utmost relaxation. Some come for a day and stay for a week. They use the hotel and its atmosphere as their re-energizing hub while venturing out to experience the color, life, and sublimity of Lake Atitlan.

La Casa is much more than any picture, review, or even webpage can portray, so come see for yourself what deems this place worthy of being "Guatemala's most magical hotel."



Very nice hotel, it is well located inside the lake and the food is very good (every night a different menu). The facilities are Ecofriendly, everything very clean and the staff is very friendly, I recommend it a lot.